Hi, I am Nate Ude

a UI engineer with a background in design. I am passionate about problem solving, whether on the web or in everyday life.


I have many skills like cooking over campfires and drinking coffee. But more to the point, skills related to being a UI engineer on the modern web. Here are a few projects I have been working on recently:


My current employer is a Rails-based application and I work with a team of other engineers (front end, back end & QA) and designers to optimize the UI and increase engagement.

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Pup-Ups is a Rails App I continue to maintain and work on in my free time. It is a fun project that allows me to play around with rails concepts and infastructure while looking at puppy pictures.

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Donut Study

The Donut Study is an interactive landing page that I developed while I was at Walker Sands. It was a fun project that allowed me to play around with some of the new CSS3 and HTML5 properties.

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About Me

I have been in the Chicago area for a number of years working as a developer at various digital companies. I am currently working at OneMain as a UI engineer with a full team of engineers and designers.

Prior to starting my career, I attended the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire, where I graduated with a BA emphasizing graphic design. During my last year of school, I interned in Madison WI, with a local designer, Matt Schaser, working with clients on both print and web projects.

During my school years, I became interested in the web and after a few brief intro courses, I figured out how to use online forums combined with trial and error to learn how to pick up coding languages. In this manner I moved through HTML, CSS, JavaScript to WordPress and PHP. Now working with a full team and now on to Ruby on Rails.